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Three Trees at 70MPH

Three Trees at 70MPH

I’ve always loved the rolling hills of California’s Pacheco Pass (highway 152), especially in the springtime. The grass is green and wildflowers are everywhere. I really wanted to photograph this area but it’s a very dangerous highway and I couldn’t drive or walk.

On this particular day I had my camera with me. I had to go to Stanford Hospital and on the way home, I wanted to take some photos of some Tule Elk at the San Luis NWR. We started up the climb to Pacheco Pass and I decided to try to take some photos as I was sitting here on the back seat on the van. The skies were sunny and there weren’t any clouds. Perfect day. I had some obstacles though. I had a great view, the van had a great big window, but the glass was tinted heavily. I had to open it up almost all the way to get enough light and also freeze the landscape…remember we were traveling at 70 mile per hour.

I didn’t get any Elk that day…too far away. I did get a few good shots from the drive though. I really loved this shot. These three trees couldn’t have been more perfect and all at 70 MPH!

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