Yosemite National Park Pictures for Sale - Mike Matenkosky
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Mammoth Peak in B/W

Mammoth Peak in B/W

This was the last day that was able to go to Yosemite, June 6, 2006. A few days later I started getting complications from my knee replacement in February 2006. Right now I'm without a right knee, so these shots are memorable.

I normally shoot from inside my car because I use a walker, but my friend saw a clump of bushes about 50 yards away that looked like a great place. The ground was pretty flat so I decided to venture beyond the car! I moved as close to the stream as I could go, without falling in.

The afternoon clouds were starting to form and the sun would go behind the clouds often. On this shot the clouds were behind the clouds. I really love this shot, but I would have preferred to see a bit more lighting on this shot. I have another shot on a “portrait” version that has that better light, but it was a great day regardless!

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