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Approaching Storm At Olmstead Point II

Approaching Storm At Olmstead Point II

I had a great day of shooting. That morning I had just finished shooting at Siesta Lake and the snow started falling. Cool, it was October so it is the season. I continued along the Tioga Road stopping here and there that day and it was a pretty nice day. That afternoon the snow started again, but I decided to try to shoot at Tenaya Lake. I couldn't see anything so I decided to leave back home. By the time I got to Olmstead Point, the snow had stopped as soon as it started, but the skies were still ready for more

At Olmstead Point the views were almost not existent. Clouds obscured Half Dome and Clouds Rest, but there was some great light right on top of and Tenaya Peak. Since I was tired from walking with the walker all day, I decided to stay in the car and put the tripod right beside the car door and shot the last few photos and left for home.

It was a great end to a great day trip!

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